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One of the longest-running options brokers And very high quality Currently growing together with brokers like the iq option. I'm talking about a broker named olymp trade. In this article, we will teach you how to apply for the olymp trade, which is the latest year, 2020. You can be assured of the quality of the content. And able to take steps immediately Ready to learn how to apply.

# 1. Things to prepare before applying for an olymp trade

Before you apply for an olymp trade broker, I would like you to have all of the above information prepared. Because you have to use it for identity verification or KYC to prevent money laundering problems. In which we have to prepare

1. Your email

The email that I want to use is gmail.com, because you can use the service easily and for free, and you can also receive news. Also seminars on olymp trade.


The next document that you have to prepare is Passport, even when registering for the olymp trade, you will not have to use it yet. But when it comes to the withdrawal process, you will have to do the first KYC first. The required documents are Passport. Therefore, the first step is better.

3.Address Verification

The third document that you must prepare is a confirmation document that is in Thailand. Usually, we use the latest bank statements. In English My thing is using Kbank. When it comes to KYC, we only use mobile phones. Copy the entire page and send to just that.

4. Prepare your funds.

The last one is to get your funds ready. The initial capital for the olymp trade should at least start at $ 100 or about three thousand baht. And the more capital you have The result is only better.

# 2. Procedure for applying for olymp trade to open an account

The process of opening an olymp trade account, I will make a presentation in English. For us to understand the same in translation But the application process is the same

1.) Click here to enter the Registration olymp trade membership page.

1. Email: Enter the email that we use, such as Gmail.

2. Password: Enter password and note

3. Your currency: Choose USD.

4. Click the blue button that says "Register"

Note: Check the box below Your currency too.

2.) When we have finished filling in the text The system will instantly load into the olymp trade platform page. The system will give $ 10,000 as fake money ready to trade successfully.

3.) In order for you to be able to perform more trading activities, you must update the profile.

  1. Click on icon in image below.

2. Click on Profile Settings

3. Set up number by number

  1. Insert your full name Ex. SAREWAREE MOOJITTONG

  2. Confirm Email by click on ! and confirm your email.

  3. Phone number: Put your phone number must have +xx too. Ex +66909654778 (Thailand)

  4. Upload profile picture

  5. Account Verification (KYC) Use your passport and Your Bank Statement that have address too.

  6. Set up your Two-factor authentication

  7. Finish

When all of your submit our account will be approve and you can deposit real money on real people too. Make your first receive bonus and Get rich now.

# 3. Summary

Applying for the olymp trade isn't difficult, isn't it? Everyone can apply to become a member. And among the options for membership options I consider this olymp trade broker the shortest time to apply. And that is one of the indicator of the efficiency of this world class quality brokers. Therefore, if you want to trade with this broker Then click to register

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