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Image 1 shows the greatness of the iq option broker in 2020.

Whenever you want to start your career in options trading firmly Choosing to be a member of the highest quality broker is the answer to financial sustainability. And the broker that is recognized as the world's No. 1 in trading options and CFD is iq option. This article will take you to know iq option and study how to apply for iq option officially. With all the steps being an update to 2020

Image 2 shows the best digital option and forex trading

If you want to know about iq option trading platform by vdo clips please click below.

# 1.Things to prepare before applying for the iq option

Image 3 shows Document and other thing for register and KYC on iq option broker

Since the iq option website is a world-class trading website Therefore, there is fast data checking and if we have all the information ready, applying for membership is very easy. For the things that must be prepared before the application consists of

1. Your email The first thing you should prepare is email. We can use free email like gmail to apply for membership. Or anyone who uses the services of Gsuit can be used with the iq option application.

2. Your Passport is the most necessary thing to be a trader. Because while Thailand does not allow forex in Thailand, it can be done in foreign countries. Therefore, KYC is considered the best way to use a passport to verify your identity. A passport photo that should be taken and ready to use includes

2.1 Full Passport face photo

2.2 Photographs. You hold a Passport. See your face clearly, including the passport as well.

3.Address Verification I will prepare the documents by requesting an English statement from Kbank. You must tell the staff clearly that the address is in English. In which if he asks what he wants to do, you answer, "use it to apply for membership in foreign websites"

4. Your funds Another thing you have to prepare is the capital. Prepare your funds for trading with the iq option. At least $ 100. More than that would be great. It will help increase your chances of making a profit as well. The iq option also has various gaming competitions. You can use a small amount of money such as $ 5 in exchange for $ 50,000 from participating in competitions at the system. Provided

Okay, I assume you are already prepared for the iq option application. So in the next step We will talk about membership applications only.

# 2. Steps to apply for an iq option to open an account

The procedure for opening an iq option is to open a free account first. There are the following steps:

1.) Click here to go to the iq option application page and fill in the following information.

Image 4 Step 1 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

1. First Name box, fill in your real name such as Smite, Jolen etc.

2. Last Name box, fill in your last name such as Seeramee etc.

3. Phone number or E-mail box. Suggest to fill in as an email first.

4. Password field, enter the password that you remember And don't forget to write down this password in your book (Password should be at least 6 characters long)

5. Put a check mark in the box

6. Then press the Open an Account for Free button.

2.) After pressing the green button The system will load the iq option dashboard Dashboard page for you to wait a moment.

Image 5 Step 2 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

3.) When the system finishes loading, the screen will appear as the image below. By choosing between trial trading and the system will give a fake amount of $ 10,000 to practice Or will choose real trading With just $ 10 topping up

In this example, I will assume that you choose Free trading first, so click the orange button before saying Start Trading.

Image 6 Step 3 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

4.) The system will lead to a complete Dashboard page. By looking at the point where the circle is red in color Will tell in detail that We have opened an account for 20%.

Image 7 Step 4 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

There are still steps 2-5 until the button that says Deposit means deposit. Here, we will try to test the program first by doing item 2. Write "Select an Asset You Like" which means that we will try to change the currency trading by clicking the +

Image 8 Step 5 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

5.) When clicking on the image above, press the + symbol, then select the type of the asset such as Options, Forex, Stocks. For example, below, I choose Binary and come to select money pairs.

Image 9 Step 6 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

6.) When we select 1 currency to prepare trade Is considered more successful in using the program You will see 2 green check marks and% up to 40%.

Image 10 Step 7 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

7.) Okay, let's practice divination. Let us click the button at item 3.Your First Forcast.

Image 11 Step 8 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

8.) Then, try to press the button to predict the price of the asset that in the future it will be high. Or below the current price

In which if you see that ..

The price should be higher, press the green button (Higher)

Price should be lower, press the red button (Lower)

Image 12 Step 9 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

9.) When pressed, will get an image similar to the image below. Try to see that when the contract expires. Can you make a profit?

Image 13 Step 10 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

10.) If you look at the table at the top left, you will find that the number of learning% is increased to 60% and your number 3 has been successfully crossed out. Therefore, let us click on Article 4. Confirm Your Email by pressing the orange button.

Image 14 Step 11 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

11.) When finished Will appear as the picture below By the system informing that Sent an email to enter the confirmation code Allow us to open the email. Therefore, we went to open our email.

Image 15 Step 12 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

12.) When you enter the email, you will see an email titled Confirm your email. Click to enter inside.

Image 16 Step 13 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

13.) Once entered the letter Click on the green button that says CONFIRM EMAIL. If you click the button and the system reports that the email has failed, you can change the method by remembering the activation code and filling in the confirmation. Like the example below, I remember the number is 700895 and put it in item 14.)

Image 17 Step 14 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

14.) Enter the number and press the Done button.

Image 18 Step 15 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

15.) When completed, the system will display as in the picture. Considered complete The next step that I would like to recommend is Real money deposit into the system By pressing the green button Top Up Your Account

Image 19 Step 16 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

16.) You can choose your preferred deposit method, starting from $ 10 and then clicking Continue.

Image 20 Step 17 showing how to Register iq option broker 2020.

After clicking the button, you will proceed to deposit the trade as requested by the system. After that you can trade completely.

# 3. Summary

Among the options for options broker members Considering that the iq option broker is the most standardized And the easiest to understand By other basic steps, I have compiled in the topic "iq option manual (complete version 2020)". If you have any queries, you can report it under the comment.

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