10 targets! 2020, make millions of dollars with binary option.

The more you develop The more wealthy you are: Anonymous man

1 year has passed for being a binary option trader Some people may be newbies that just come to learn. Or it may be a seasoned trader who can make profits all the time Some people may not be able to make a profit, while others may make more than 30% per month. However, never give up and learn seriously in the Binary Options Handbook. Will definitely make us successful Therefore, in order to have a clear goal in 2019 regarding the development of binary options trading skills, I would like to present 10 goals that should be set and achieved. Let's see what each target we should achieve.

1. Set the target amount of the desired amount per day.

Some people may think that this is difficult to trade in binary options, but in reality it's easy. If we learn the principles of Binary Option capital management that is correct and act accordingly with discipline, it will definitely be able to do so in this regard. The 10-eye fund management formula is probably the easiest formula to use to make this goal a reality.

Technique Tip

  • Set a goal of 300 baht per day or 10 $ if you want a small risk.

  • Setting a goal of 500 baht per day or $ 15 is equal to that. You almost don't have to work full time again.

  • Set a goal of 1,000 baht per day or 30 $ if you want to quit your regular job

  • Set a goal of 2,000 baht per day or more if you can seriously discipline binary options trading. And need financial freedom

2. Reduce the number of times to clear the port to no more than 1 time per month.

Must understand that clearing ports is very normal when trading binary options, even if you are the best trader. But the eyes that cleared the port definitely arrived in The problem is how can we reduce the number of port cleanup? Which I found that if we trade seriously and continuously while maintaining good trading discipline, it is almost impossible for us to clear that port Nonetheless, in order to reduce the risk even further, the article 7 ways to reduce losses in binary options trading can definitely help develop this goal.

3. Aim to test new techniques at least 1 time per month

There are 3 principles and principles of trading binary options. And the first is choosing a good indicator. At indiainvestonline.com, I have made the indicator category by dividing the trading formula by minutes until weekly. So you can choose to try and trade according to your liking You don't have to hurry to experiment. Take 1-2 techniques per month. It's enough. Find out the techniques you do with the money pairs you choose and get the best profits. For those who do not know which formula to start with first So I recommend 3 formulas that I use often. Try to test.

  1. Easy to use ema 80/20 formula for 60 seconds trading

  2. Rainbow EMA formula is perfect with iq option & olymptrade.

  3. Super Signal Formula for 5 Minutes Trading

For the remaining formulas, try searching and experimenting by yourself.

4. Aim to reward oneself for successful trades every month

The reward is a good incentive. You should do my thing. I aim that if trading today and achieving the target within 10 trading days, I will eat 1 glass of Starbucks like this and if within 1 week I can trade according to the target. I will reward myself as a movie I like. And if monthly, I will buy 1 gold bar for myself, etc. Let's try to make a goal. Then print it out and paste it on the screen that we can trade It will definitely give us more power to trade binary options.

5. Aim to improve discipline hours

The word hour trading discipline for binary options means that we can set clear goals for which hours we will trade, such as trading every day from 19.00 - 21.00 of each day.In all trading hours, you will not open facebook to play. Meaningless But will concentrate on the graph News and indicator values I can say that this goal, when committed seriously, will greatly affect your trading in the future. And make all of your skills progressively developed Your profitability will be much better and I found that when trading, if we don't play Facebook, play LINE We will be able to make more profits as well.

6. Set a goal to attend technical knowledge seminar once a month.

Right now, we are able to attend a good seminar about binary trading options. Either through the seminar system available in various brokers, or through real seminars, which I advise you to try the services of FBS brokers, by simply being a member of FBS brokers. Click here, you can access the organized seminars. Every month of trading And most importantly, free! And get good techniques for trading as well. Imagine that in 1 year you will have a good technical knowledge from the experts up to 12 techniques per year at least And this does not include connections from fellow members who trade binary options as well.

7. Read 1 book of binary options trading per month.

Books about trading strategies, either forex options or in the stock market But please relate to technical trading Let us buy and read it all. These things will be very helpful. Even myself Sometimes new trading techniques can be obtained from these books. Which if possible You may read foreign books. Many books that teach techniques to trade and teach good money management for you too. Which the books I would like to introduce as a prerequisite include

  • The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham

  • Learn to Earn by Peter Linz.

Can start from these two books first Which may buy Thai language books which are sold in general bookstores to read instead of English language as well

8. Aim to be a VIP broker

Many people may not attach importance to being a VIP in leading brokers. But for me it is very important Because when you are a VIP, you will be able to choose assets that can make more than 92% profit, which is better than regular traders. Allowing us to overcome brokers much easier than before Like olymptrade brokers, when you are a VIPs member you can choose to trade in the eyes to protect against losses too! Therefore, aim to be 2019. You will need to be a VIP in every broker you trade. For brokers that can be VIPs

9. Aim that this year must be Top 10 of the world.

Do not think that is a matter beyond the dreams. You can be in the top 10 of the world by just keeping discipline and increasing your trading capital. I emphasize having to increase capital but keep the% of profitability per month to keep lower. People with 100 baht of capital make a 30% profit per month with people who have put 1 million in capital and choose to make just 1% of their profits per month. There are probably many different risks. Take risks and that's what will make you more profitable and become a Top10 player in 2019 for sure. I used to be Top 10 in 2015, receiving a reward of $ 3,000. Which I have used to travel abroad and accumulate in bitcoins It's worth it And is considered the origin of web creation indiainvestonline.com ever

10. Set a goal to set up a group to teach others to make money as well.

The final goal is Will also set up a group to share their own successful trading techniques with others as well Which sharing is a good thing And it helps us to fly even more And can feel the great happiness that comes from trading You may have some compensation from becoming an IB, but it's not as much as the happiness that allows another person to find your dream job. So I hope number 10 will become another target for you in 2019.

Okay, I've already shared 10 goals in 2020 with binary options for you. And I hope that it will help you see opportunities in the binary options more easily And can quietly make you profit and rich in this market next year Thank you for reading and following this article. If you think this article would be useful to others Don't forget to share it on your group or facebook too. And find quality articles for the development of sustainable binary options trading in the next chapter Have fun with this year 2020.

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